Would It Feel Strange To Let Someone Else Hop Into Your Car?

Monday December 13, 2010

Let’s think about this for a moment. If you opt for the Park and Ride style of parking at Birmingham Airport, you will be able to drive up, park and then lock up your own car and get on with your journey.

But if you go for the valet parking deal – otherwise known as Meet and Greet – it doesn’t happen this way. Instead you will drive up, hand over your keys to someone you have never met before and let them drive your car to the car park. You won’t even know exactly where it will be taken. All you know is that when you get back from your holiday or trip or wherever you happen to be going, you will find your car – plus the driver – ready and waiting for you to take it over again.

Thousands of people are doing just this on a daily basis all over the country, so it’s not just Birmingham Airport that it applies to. But isn’t it a fascinating and strange way to park your car? We all know it is a reputable service and one that saves us a lot of time too. There is no better way to park than to drive up right outside the terminal and let someone else do all the hard work. If you have ever done this before you will know it is more than worth paying that extra bit of cash to ensure that you can proceed on your journey faster than ever.

But if you have never used this service before – at Birmingham Airport or elsewhere come to that – you will definitely feel a little odd doing it for the first time. Just make sure you aren’t overcome by this oddness to the extent that you completely forget to take your luggage out of the boot before you hand the car over.

It’s really just a different way of thinking about parking and once you’ve tried it you probably won’t want to go back to the Park and Ride option any more. This is how efficient and effective the Meet and Greet version is.

But it might still feel a bit strange to hand your car keys over to someone you have never seen before, and to stand and watch as your car is driven off. But don’t worry, they will be there to greet you with your car when you arrive back.