People Watching at Birmingham Airport

Wednesday November 10, 2010

Okay so be honest – do you do it? People watching is a sport that more of us take part in than we would admit to. And some places are definitely better for this sport than others.

One of the best is an airport because you get such a huge cross section of people to keep an eye on. It also has the advantage of helping you pass the time, because we all know we’re in for a long wait once we have checked in and we are waiting for our flight to actually depart.

If you have ever engaged in this activity even for a short length of time, you are bound to have seen some odd sights during your time in Birmingham Airport. This applies to all areas of the airport too – you can start people watching from the moment you arrive in the car park.

It’s not unique to this airport of course – whatever airport you travel from, you are bound to see some odd sights at one point or another. Some are odder than others though, and it is surprising that no one has yet come up with a website to collate all these sights together. We could all submit our own odd moments and sightings together, and hold regular competitions to see who spots the weirdest or most amusing spectacles at the airport.

Some people habitually watch out for celebrities of course, although you are probably more likely to see them at major airports such as Heathrow. But there is always a chance you will see one or two at some point as they travel from Birmingham Airport. You can get flights to lots of major destinations from here, after all.

You probably won’t see too many celebs in the car parks around the airport though. They will be going for the Meet and Greet services no doubt. But when you are on your transfer bus and going over to the airport itself, watch out for the many interesting sights that will greet you.

Car parks at airports like Birmingham are just the beginning of the people watching experience. From the moment you park your car you can start looking for people to watch as you start your own journey. And of course you know that you will be people watching fodder for others as well, so make sure you don’t lock your keys in your car or do anything else silly either.