How Would You Feel Handing Over the Keys to Your Car?

Thursday April 14, 2011

In any other situation you might feel crazy doing it. Who in their right mind would drive up to a location, get out of their car and hand their keys to someone they had never met before? When you put it like that you would never think to do it yourself.

But that is exactly what lots of people do every single day when they are travelling to Birmingham Airport to go away on a flight somewhere. Not everyone enjoys the hustle and bustle of parking their own car and heading to the airport terminal by way of a crowded shuttle bus. If this describes your own point of view on matters, you will have to consider taking the route described above instead.

The situation described in the title is the situation that occurs every day with Meet and Greet parking services. You can easily book these online if you are flying from Birmingham Airport anytime soon, so you may want to bear it in mind. Meet and Greet basically means you give control of your car to someone else, but this someone is vetted and employed by the Meet and Greet company. This means you shouldn’t have any worries handing your keys over, even though it may feel odd the first time you do it.

The main benefit of it will be when you return and find an employee of the company ready and waiting with your car. You might think the idea of leaving the terminal and getting straight into your car is a dream, or something that only happens in the movies. But it does happen in real life and it certainly saves you an incredible amount of time when you do it. Sure it will cost you some extra cash but a lot of people feel the additional sum is worth it. And it may not actually cost you as much as you may think initially.

Check it out now and see if you can get over the strangeness of entrusting your car to someone you have never met!